Clouds Finish Defined and a more in-depth take a look at Zach Sobiech’s story

Believe in clouds

Clouds isn’t an extremely religious film, but religion does play a role in the film and in Zach’s real life. In an interview with The Catholic Spirit, Zach’s mother, Laura, discusses the importance of religion in his life and that she wanted it to be featured in this film. Twin Cities’ article also mentions how Zach went to church that morning and how Lourdes was out.

The Lourdes trip is a brief moment in the film, but it is shown as a kind of spiritual awakening for Zach, as it makes him even more dedicated to his music. The family spent 10 days in Europe and traveled to Rome, Lures and Paris. Lourdes is believed to be a place with healing powers, as legend has it that the Virgin Mary appeared there in 1858.

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