CITY GIRLS DRAMA! JT’s friend Uzi curses Yung Miami LIVE !!

There is trouble among the city girls. MTO News confirmed that rapper JT’s boyfriend cursed her best friend and co-city girl Yung Miami. And he did it on INSTAGRAM LIVE !!

JT and Yung Miami, real name Careesha, had some girl drama between them. The two ladies have been friends since elementary school – whatever their problems with each other, would most likely be ironed out between the two of them.

But JT told UZI about her problems with Careesha and Uzi decided to confront her.

Big mistake.

And he not only confronted JT’s best friend, he cursed her. Uzi confronted Careesha live on IG and started the conversation: “You know my whole body and soul, and you know I don’t give anything about anything.”

Careesha tried her best to reassure Uzi, stating, “We don’t have to be friends [just because you date my BFF]. “

Here is the video:

The video was a bit traumatic. Shortly after the live, Careesha’s friend, producer, and rapper Southside, a REAL gangster, took to the live to fix Uzi.


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