Chris Harrison responds to Tayshia Adams’ iconic Bachelorette entrance and Clare Crawley criticism

Clare’s season has been nothing if not unusual so far. She saw Dale get out of that limo and never looked back, even though she had tried very hard to give the other guys a chance. Of course the other guys are insane and some fans are frustrated with Clare, but Chris – who has never seen anything like this in 18 years hosting this franchise – doesn’t see the problem.

“At the end of the day, Clare came here to find love,” he said. “She didn’t care that she was here to sincerely find the love of her life. If she did that in 10 weeks, great. If she did that in 10 days, great. The goal is that me help her find love. ” If she does it early, I’ll have done an even better job and I think that should be on my file. ”

People can have their opinion on the internet, he said, but why are we all so mad at someone the way they feel?

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