Chicago Rapper King From SHOT In Atlanta: Important Situation! (Graphic video)

According to MTO News, Chicgo rap star King Von is believed to be in critical condition after he was shot dead in Atlanta early Friday morning.

According to the Atlanta Journal constitution, Von’s and another rapper crew, Quando Rondo, broke out in front of the Monaco Hookah Lounge, where gunfire was being fired. Two people were killed, others injured, and Von was taken to hospital. There was also shooting with the police.

This is how the AJC reports it:

“This physical altercation escalated into an exchange of fire with these groups,” said Peek. “Two police officers who worked in this particular club or lounge saw the argument and engaged some of the people involved. There was also an exchange of fire with the police. “

Two of the people injured by the gunfire were stable on Friday morning and one was rushed to hospital in critical condition. Peek said investigators believe the person who was hit by the vehicle was involved in the initial dispute.

That person should survive, he said.


It’s not clear whether Von was allegedly shot by the police or a rival.

The news comes after Von, who hard represents the Chicago O Block, had a very public beef with rival Famous Dex.

More details are sure to come about filming in Atlanta.

MTO News has learned that a video has surfaced online that Von is said to show shortly after it was recorded. Warning, the video is disturbing:

MTO News will provide updates when the police confirm King Von’s status.

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