Chelsea Houska explains why she decided to ‘Teen Mom!’

Fans of Teenage mother know that Chelsea Houska left the show and now she shared that the main reason she made that decision was because of her daughter Aubree.

Houska has decided to leave this chapter of [her] life behind and it opened up now that the new season premiered without it!

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Chelsea left the series that made her famous because she no longer wanted to share her 11-year-old daughter, Aubree’s life and milestones with the public.

While chatting with E! News, she explained that ‘there was just a point – and I think it was almost a buildup – that feeling in my stomach or my heart I guess. It just didn’t feel like I should be on this show anymore. There were conversations that [my daughter] Aubree and I had problems from time to time, and at that point I just worried because I didn’t want her ever to be like that. She can’t tell me anything because it’s being broadcast to millions of people or whatever. ‘

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Fans know Aubree is Chelsea’s oldest child, who she took in with former high school boyfriend Adam Lind while she was 16 and pregnant.

The four-year-old mother said that she really didn’t want her firstborn’s drama with her father to be shared with the whole world via Teen Mom from now on.

“When she was little, the stuff that went with her father and so on was from my point of view, and as she got older, it came from her point of view. I think this deserves to be private for her. That ultimately moved me to withdraw and leave this chapter of life. ‘

But would she consider getting back on the show at some point, maybe when all of her kids are a little older?

“I always say that I would never go back to anything that definitely affects my children’s personal lives. I don’t think I could do it. If something was light-hearted and fun, I probably wouldn’t say no, “she told the news agency.

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