CeCe is fired by basketball ladies – EXCLUSIVE !!

The new season of Basketball Wives has been filmed for a few months – and MTO News has all of the tea for the coming season.

Probably the most interesting cast development is that Cece Gutierrez – one of the most interesting characters from last season – got FIRED from the show.

MTO News spoke to a producer who explained why the network had decided to fire the wife of former Lakers coach Byron Scott. The insider told us, “CeCe wanted to come back, but Shaunie didn’t want her there. Shaunie has some kind of personal beef with Cece because everyone else thought she should go back.”

So who is in the cast this season? Right now the cast will include SHAUNIE, EVELYN, MALAYSIA, JACKIE, KRISTEN, JENN, OG and FEBY. And there will be a new “woman”, Lamar Odoms ex Liza Morales.

What do you think of the loss of Cece?

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