Caillou canceled at PBS Youngsters (mother and father are blissful in every single place)


Parenthood triumphs are few during the pandemic, but the news that Caillou will no longer be in the air has been well received by mothers and fathers far and wide.

PBS Kids announced on social media Tuesday that the multi-vicious animated series that has centered around the precocious 4-year-old namesake and his family for more than two decades will no longer be. The public television station even offered viewers tips on how to tell young fans about the cancellation. Instead of sadness, the news sparked cheers from adult critics on social media.

“Thank God,” Liza Cummings cheered Reilly on Facebook. “This little boy was so rude and disobedient to his mother. For this reason I have not allowed my children to watch him. “

One mother commented that Caillou was a “disgusting, ridiculous excuse for a kids show”. And yet another described the show as “the most annoying thing on TV”.

Many Twitter users responded in kind (some even added gifs).

Bye, don’t be hit by the door on the way out????

– MBLM • Miso Era • Queen Toasty Boi (@CarriEnchantix) Jan 5, 2021

Hey, about time! I think we all know how Classic Caillou would react …

– Zak Wolf (@ wiley207) January 5, 2021

However, a handful of positive comments on Caillou also prove that not everyone hates the sneakily challenged and resourceful boy who questions his parents, Doris and Boris, and often molests his younger sister Rosie and the family’s pet cat. Gilbert.

The noise of the Caillou backlash reached a crescendo three years ago when parents pointed out that the series had no educational value and instead taught kids bad habits like sass and tantrums. Some have vandalized the theme song, Caillou’s “whiny” voice, calling it a Charlie Brown rip-off. A YouTuber even made a parody.

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