Brittany Cartwright proudly reveals her stomach after being fats embarrassed by haters

Unfortunately, we are still at a time when people hide behind profiles on the Internet and make rude comments about people’s appearances. To make matters worse, some haters are comfortable enough to fat embarrass a woman carrying a child.

At a time when women’s hormones are ubiquitous, it’s especially difficult to deal with negative comments about your body growing and changing in ways it has never done before.

Brittany Cartwright started showing off early and her bump was growing faster than the previous co-stars of her Vanderpump Rules, even though she was one of the last to be announced.

The rate at which your baby bump is growing shouldn’t be a problem for others as long as mom and baby are happy – and they are.

Fed up of criticism from Keyword Warriors, Brittany decided to hug her beautiful pregnant body.

Just posted a photo

– Brittany Cartwright (@BNCartwright) December 29, 2020

She shared a photo of herself in the mirror with her bump on display next to a caption that read: ‘I put this in my story but guess what? I deserve to be proud to post this. I am so proud of my body that I created my son. I’ve had days when I let negative comments from strangers get me down, but WHY !? I’m growing up a perfect and healthy person I’ve only dreamed of all my life. I will give my body the respect it deserves and scream from the rooftops how happy and blessed I am to experience this pregnancy. (Even though I’m 25 weeks old and I’m still sick every day) lol I feel very happy and emotional to have this opportunity to become a mom and I will no longer let trolls affect my happiness. ‘

She went on to give sweet advice to other expectant moms.

“For all the other moms and moms in general, KILL IT, don’t let other people’s opinions get you down, you will be the best mom for your lovely baby just like me !! Be proud of your body because you are building a human life! I feel so honored that in a few months I will become a mother and have a beautiful son. Keep smiling and sharing positive vibes, we need more of these in this world. ‘


It’s good to see that Brittany doesn’t let the haters get her down.

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