Brian Austin Inexperienced Raves About Sharna Burgess As He Opens Up About Their Relationship For The First Time – Video!

The actor shared about his romance with Sharna Burgess and only had great things to say about her, although he admitted that they are at a point in their relationship where they don’t really label what they have.

The two have just got back from their Hawaii getaway and it seems like they made a lot of contact there.

This is the first time the actor has spoken publicly about his new flame. So it’s safe to say that things are developing between them, rather than confusing them, even though they haven’t yet put labels on their romance.

During an interview for Access Hollywood, the actor revealed that at this point they were just “enjoying each other’s company”.

He continued raving about Sharna, saying, “She’s amazing, super responsible, and super cute. She is caring, passionate and fun to be around. I feel blessed now. ‘

When asked about their New Year’s Eve getaway, Brian said, “We had a great time. Hawaii is an amazing place. It’s going very well right now, it’s early days so obviously we don’t have labels for anything, but we really enjoy each other’s company. ‘

This new relationship in his life comes after his divorce from Megan Fox!

The two were married for no less than ten years and share three sons.

Ready to talk about how they’d met, Brian said, “We have the same manager and she said,” Hey, I have a client you should meet. “I reluctantly left and we met and had great conversations so it was great. ‘


Do you think Brian found a new long term relationship or not? Could she really be the one he’s going to spend the rest of his life with?

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