Boys Noize starts with the emotionally charged double release “Ride Or Die” / “IU” [LISTEN]

Always innovative DJ / producer Boys Noize today unleashes two impressive productions, “Ride Or Die” with Kelsey Lu With Cool Gonzalesand “IU” with Corbin. They are represented as (+) secondary and (-) secondary tracks and share beautiful, musical ties between reflection and publication.

“Ride Or Die” shows creativity flowing with a slowly burning passion. Kelsey Lu’s voice fades and we are immediately immersed in the atmosphere. The title, which also features Grammy-winning Canadian musician Chilly Gonzales, “reflects the turbulent emotional tenor of our uncertain future before it explodes in delirious techno at its peak”.

“IU” follows with an aggressive demeanor and builds a wild world around the dark RnB innovator Corbin. A melancholy production with looped vocals leads to spitfire breaks and frenzied synthesizers before breaking out into the track’s “overclocked, redlined tempo”. While “Ride Or Die” captures the essence of reflection, “IU” does so for publication.

The press release describes the dual release as “a flood of emotion and conflict,” and we couldn’t possibly describe it better. “Both tracks share a rapid pace and boldly declare that the energy of club culture will not let up, even when subjected to the myriad pressures of a world in need.”

The German-Iraqi talent Boys Noize, real name Alex Ridha, has influenced underground and mainstream electronic music for 15 years. With that kind of experience and excess energy left during lockdown, his recent studio stint has led to these momentous productions.

Listen to both tracks and watch the music video for “Ride Or Die”. Scroll down for the full statements from Boys Noize and Kelsey Lu on the creation of their track.

Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu – “Ride Or Die” feat. Chilly Gonzales

One day Gonzo sent me a recording in which he was playing a certain type of harpsichord called the spinet, and I immediately had the idea of ​​creating a great musical contrast with the delicate notes of the spinet. The first layers I added were a really dark percussive tribal sound with heavy 909 drums. That combination of classical and hi-tech made me think of Kelsey Lu, who I shredded live on a cello that she’d patched with crazy guitar pedals. Besides the love for their music, the experimental approach to the sound we shared convinced me that we had to meet. When we finally met, the studio was filled with a rare, special energy, and the first music I played for Kelsey was my reworking of Chilly’s spinet. We immediately started recording Kelsey’s vocals through my modular system, wildly bending her voice, bringing it close and then far away again, with a vision of contrasts leading to something greater than the sum of its parts were combined. Amazingly, everything we recorded in that magical session ended up in the final version of “RIDE OR DIE”. – Boys Noize

I loved doing this song with Alex so much because there was only the freedom to explore. It came about so organically. When Alex first played me this track, I was immediately drawn into the textures Chilly had added. I found a comfortable meeting point in the amalgamation of acoustically generated and electronic textures. I’m a very visual person when it comes to songwriting and nature is always a part of that visualization. There was a moment of tension and I wanted to see it through. The desert kept popping up. Its heat, its vastness and its dangers. Kind of like a fleeting romance. It could go so many ways, often catastrophic, but no matter how it goes, trust yourself and the many sides that we represent, because in the end you are a mighty slut. Be your RIDE OR die. – Kelsey Lu

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