Blockbuster: An inventory couple is ‘addicted’ … He is hooked on heroin and she or he’s drunk !!

MTO News spoke to two people who are close to one of the hottest couples in the world and who are both worried about the top couple’s relationship. They call their relationship “toxic”, “dependent” and say that both he and she are FULLY-BLOWN ADDICTS.

According to both individuals, the couple have an unhealthy “codependent” relationship centered around addiction. His addiction is heroin and hers is alcohol.

A friend of the couple told MTO News: “[The female celebrity] is a completely luscious drunk, she has been for years. It really affected her life, changed her personality, and ended many of her close friends and relationships. “The ex-girlfriend adds,” She should have got help a long time ago, but she has too many enablers around to allow her to continue. “

The friend claims that the female superstar’s weight gain was mainly due to her excessive drinking.

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And her relationship with her boyfriend only exacerbates the problem, MTO News learned.

That’s because it says on the street that he’s an active heroin addict.

Another friend of the couple stated: “[male celebrity] is on heroin. He started with Lean and Pills, now he just injects it into his arms. “The friend added,” He’s a junkie in every way. And [the two of them] live like drug addicts. “

And it’s getting worse. The girlfriend claims the celebrity couple jokes “long jokes” in which they sit down at home for days – drinking constantly and he constantly injecting heroin into his veins.

“You stay home and drink and drug for days, watch Netflix or whatever, and be up all day. It’s scary.”

Both of the couple’s friends are worried about her, believing her addiction is getting out of hand. One of the friends told MTO News, “You can’t hide it anymore, too many people know and it gets serious. It’s only a matter of time before something bad happens, like an overdose or worse.”

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