Bambi Benson leaves an necessary message on social media – try a few of her followers’ reactions

Bambi Benson just posted a message on her social media account. Fans and followers reacted in the comments and you can check out some of the most popular reactions below.

One follower said, “And let’s stop asking our little sons” how many girlfriends they have now “or telling them that they are going to grow up to be heartbreakers, because when they grow up, in some cases they will. ‘

Someone else posted this message: ‘Honest and honest. And raise your sons properly too! ‘and someone else said, “And start teaching little boys how to really show affection !!”

Another follower wrote, “I just know you aren’t telling your kids about this gentleman yet,” and someone else said, “Um, my mom told me this when I was a kid and I don’t grow up thinking to.” that ???? y’all just take it slowly. ‘

Another said, “I also agree with all mothers and fathers that we want to teach our sons not to have to express their“ true feelings ”for girls when they annoy, ignore and are rude to girls. Let’s help the next generation of male and female relationships. ‘

A follower posted this. ‘And PLEASE let’s teach little boys how to react / treat them to little girls who really like them or who think they are “pretty” as a five year old would say! We have to teach them … the boys cannot be removed from these convos because the more we as women are aware of avoiding these guys, the less we need to entertain. But great PPE today, Bambi. ‘

One fan said, “If you, as a grown woman, think that a man is putting his hands on you, it means that he loves you, nothing can be done for you. IDC. How does that even make sense for an adult ?! Childhood trauma is real, but at some point you need to grow up, take responsibility, and ask better of those you allow in your life. ‘

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