Bachelorette’s Ben Smith describes his earlier suicide makes an attempt in dialog with Tayshia Adams

The bachelorette highlight Ben Smith becomes vulnerable to further his relationship Tayshia Adams.

During the episode of the ABC dating series on Tuesday, December 8th, Ben landed a one-on-one conversation and spoke to the show’s management about his two previous suicide attempts. He stated that 2018 will be an especially difficult time for him as he left the army and deals with his broken back that he suffered while on duty.

“The army didn’t train for me for several reasons, but I broke my back pretty badly, I’m 26 years old and can barely walk up the steps I’ve lived in. A city that was too expensive for me and in which I totally.” was lost, “said Ben. “My life was very dark and I didn’t know how to say I needed things.”

The candidate pointed out that the only person he could confide in at the time was his sister, but even she didn’t know exactly what he was going through.

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