Baby Blue released a statement after he was hospitalized

Baby Blue just posted a statement on his social media account after he was hospitalized. Check it out below.

Let us keep him in our prayers during this time.

As previously reported, he was shot and killed in an attempted robbery outside a bowling alley in Davie, Florida.

Someone said, ‘Sooooo. Blue. We’re glad you’re fine … but maybe you should have waited a day or two to post a statement because … I’m sure lounges are not an organ in the body 🥴 ‘

One commenter wrote, “Just excuse his typo, damn it you know what he meant,” and another follower said, “Of course he’s not himself, can you grow up please!”

One follower wrote: “You are really worried about his spelling. This man is in critical condition in the hospital. Grow up 🙄 ‘

Someone else said, “How is he writing this and in a critical condition? I hate social media sometimes?” And one commenter posted this message: “Verified
Traveled by what? Let’s blame the pain killers … prayers! ‘

Someone asked, ‘In which lounge was he shot? I thought he was shot in the bowling alley? “” One commenter said, “Buddy in the hospital.

Another person posted this message, “How the hell did someone in the intensive care unit think about updating people. Man is working on your cure” and someone else said, “I’m not even mad at that spelling. Lmao ima only blames morphine. ” I’m glad he’s fine. ‘

One commenter said, ‘You know he meant lungs !! Someone is almost dying and you will still be checking the spelling. My goodness!’ and another person left this message: “So what he wrote some things wrong, worries about the wrong things !!!”

The fans wish him all the best.

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