Atlanta IG Influencer: I Was The Aspect Chick To The Richest Black Man In The World!

An Instagram model named Be a Lewis revealed herself as the side chick of the world’s richest black man, billionaire Aliko Dangote. The Nigerian business magnate and philanthropist is the richest person in Africa at 63 and the richest black person in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 13.5 billion

Aliko, who is single and has three daughters and an adopted son, made his fortune selling cement across Africa.

He is a well-known playboy who reportedly showered tons of money and gifts on the women in his life.

And now one of his alleged side chicks is spilling tea over what it’s like to date the mega billionaire.


The woman, an Atlanta beauty, is referred to as “th * t” by people on social media for exposing her relationship with the billionaire.

But she didn’t leave the relationship empty-handed. The business-minded woman appears to be saying that she received a “gift” of half a million dollars from the billionaire for her restaurant, two properties, and a healthy stock portfolio.

She wrote:

I dated the richest black man in the world.
He broke my heart into a thousand pieces.
I’ve learned more from him than any other person I’ve ever met. When you communicate with a billionaire on a daily basis, you see the world differently from your humble beginnings in the freedom city.
I have become more organized and can finally get away from the daily kitchen routine.
I learned love without threads.
Do your best with no expectations.
Nothing is forever.
I realized that a half a million dollar restaurant project was a bad investment.
I bought two properties.
I’ve started a consistent fitness program.
Got vegan.
Got a profitable stock portfolio.
He changed my view of work ethic and patience.
As soon as my mindset changed, the universe drew me to people who lifted me up and increased my wealth mentally and financially.
Until 2021 and powerful encounters

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