Atlanta housewife Porsha will get again with Dennis!

Atlanta Housewives’ Porsha Williams and estranged fiancé Dennis McKinley are back together, MTO News has learned.

Porsha and Dennis confirmed their relationship yesterday by sharing romantic Christmas pictures online. Appearance:

Dennis and Porsha had a rocky 2020 together. They started the engaged year and planned to get married that year. Then COVID struck and everything was put on hold.

Over the course of spring, the couple separated – and it looked like they were over for good.

During their breakup, Porsha also attended Kenya’s bachelorette party – where Kenya claims that something has emerged between Porsha and a male stripper, which Porsha’s team completely denies.

But Dennis and Porsha will end 2020 exactly as they started it – together. No word yet about whether and when they still want to get married. At the moment, the two seem to be family again, as they share a daughter, Pilar McKinley.

Kenya versus Porsha at reunification – who won?

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