Artem Chigvintsev calls for that the decide dance with the celebs on the identical aspect

It is unknown how ratings for dancers are set when three judges, Carrie Ann Annaba, Derek Hough, and Bruno Tonioli, come together to discuss a performance that has just gone down. However, Artem Chigvintsev is confused after Monday’s show.

Artem and Kaitlyn Bristowe receive a different rating from each judge. As you can see, the reviews are everywhere. Artem spoke out recently, saying that he would like them to come on the same page so he would know how to choreograph his dances.

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Carrie in particular. One of her criticisms was that she felt that Kaitlyn gave up at times during routine, which Artem understandably does not consider a fair criticism.

He explained his confusion to ET Online.

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‘My thought, # 1 is, does the content of the dance no longer count? Because I find it strange when we supposedly have to follow a certain type of dance. I’m not going to talk about specific couples, but I have a feeling there is some kind of standard now about how dance should or shouldn’t be? It’s hard because when you compare the level of content of Kaitlyn’s activities, which Derek actually appreciated and said, “It was really amazing to see a real Paso Doble.” Don’t just walk around the room pretending to be a certain character. ‘

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He went on to ask if the judges would rather have gimmicks than choreography that stays true to the dance.

“Right now I think we should probably use a lot more gimmicks [in]. I didn’t know this show required being playful on the dance floor because at the end of the day you have a certain character, but you still have to do dance steps. Maybe we are missing that. Maybe we just need to get rid of the actual learning to dance and more gimmicks. Perhaps the judges will appreciate that more. ‘

Artem’s co-star Val Chmerkovskiy agrees that the rating is omnipresent. This comes after a string of criticisms of the show, which begins with Tyra Banks taking over Tom Bergeron’s hosting gig.

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