AREA21 [Martin Garrix & Maejor] Wipe social media earlier than new music

Martin garrix and Maejor prepare to release new music as AREA21 – and in 2021 they wiped the slate clean.

We’ve seen it time and time again when artists are ready to drop something big and delete their social media feeds. Such is the case with AREA21 (on Instagram and Twitter), where some fans are hoping Garrix and Maejor will be releasing new music before their March timeframe.

Last year Garrix revealed, “We basically made an entire album.”

“The new stuff isn’t super electronic,” Garrix shared in the following interview. “It’s like Gorillaz meeting Outkast and a little daft punk. It’s very playful. “

AREA21 came out in 2016 with the project’s debut single “Spaceships”. They have followed with five other singles including “Glad You Came”, “We Did It” and most recently “HELP”.

Listen to Garrix Talk AREA21 below and learn about the music here.

Martin Garrix announces the Area21 album in March 2021

– Festival season (@Festseason) October 23, 2020

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