Andra Day on repeatedly turning down the position of Billie Vacation

Also, why Holiday was part of the birth of the civil rights movement.

In front Andra Day won best actress Golden Globe for her fantastic work in Lee Daniels’ The United States versus Billie HolidayI was able to have a far-reaching conversation with the newly crowned star. During the interview, Day talked about why she was extremely reluctant to take on the role, how Billie Holiday doesn’t get enough recognition for her work in the civil rights movement, how Daniels helped shape her performance, what she took home from the set when she got to the end asked to film certain things and more. She also revealed which films she has seen the most and which TV series she would like to appear on as a guest star.

If you’re not familiar with The United States vs. Billie Holiday (now running on Hulu), which is inspired by the life story of Billie Holiday, the film pulls the curtain back on one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time and the way the Die Federal government targeted their efforts to sing “Strange Fruit,” a song about lynchings in the south. The film also features Trevante Rhodes, Garrett Hedlund, Natascha Lyonne, Rob Morgan, Evan Ross, Tyler James Williams, Miss Lawrence, Tone Bell, Erik LaRay Harvey, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph.

Check out what Andra Day has to say in the player above and below. That’s exactly what we talked about, followed by the official recap.

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Andra Day:

  • Which movie did she see the most?

  • Which TV series would she like to guest star on?

  • How Billie Holiday doesn’t get enough credit for her civil rights work. Even today, musicians make sure to talk about certain topics.

  • When Daniels offered her the role, was she nervous about taking it?

  • Discusses her reluctance to take on the role and why she didn’t want to.

  • How can Lee Daniels help make such a great achievement?

  • What did she take home from the set?

  • Did she want to film certain things towards the end of the shoot?

Here is the official round-up:

Legendary Billie Holiday, one of the greatest jazz musicians of all time, spent much of her career being adored by fans around the world. Beginning in the 1940s in New York City, the federal government targeted Holiday to escalate and racialize the war on drugs, ultimately deterring them from singing their controversial and heartbreaking ballad “Strange Fruit”. Led by Oscar-nominated director Lee Daniels and introducing Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Andra Day, The United States vs. Billie Holiday presents the icon’s complicated, irrepressible life with no apology. Screenwriter Suzan-Lori Parks, the first African American to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, tells this intimate story of a bitter trailblazer whose defiance through music helped usher in the civil rights movement.

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