Allison Janney recalls an epic hair extension mistake while flirting with a new guy, and we are traumatized

Allison Janney opened up about a low point in their flirtation efforts that was truly staggering – or should we say “hair-raising”.

The 61-year-old mother appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday April 6th, where she showed off her short new hairstyle with her natural hair color. At the host Drew Barrymore When asked what it felt like to be carelessly cut, the Oscar winner quickly raved about it.

“I can’t tell you how great it is to feel free from hair color and hair extensions and hairbands and blah, blah, blah,” Allison shared. “To be able to run my hands through my hair, and hopefully at some point a man can run his hands through my hair and appreciate, it’s heaven. I’m just enjoying this new chapter in my hairstyle world.”

This led Drew to wonder if Allison had ever experienced a moment when a partner felt a hair extension in a moment in love, and the West Wing alum described an experience that is equally worthy and understandable.

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