All new films will be released in April 2021

As we slowly head towards the summer blockbuster season, more and more movies are landing a pretty stable clip in theaters and streaming services. The momentum only seems to get stronger from here as a ton of new films are coming out in April 2021. From titles like the bloody and brutal R-rated Mortal Kombat, which debuts in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time, to the superhero comedy Thunder Force landing on Netflix, some of the most anticipated films of the year are not far away.

But while the big releases like the above titles and others like Tom Clancys Without Remorse and Concrete Cowboy get a lot of attention, there are a few other little films that may have slipped between the cracks. And since we don’t want a movie to be lost in the shuffle, we’ve put together this list of all upcoming releases to help increase its circulation …

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