Aktion Bronson says his request to be included in Matrix Four has been denied

The Matrix first appeared in the late 1990s and has been an icon of the film ever since. The original film featured Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss and spawned several sequels.

The Matrix 4 is reportedly coming out sometime next year and Action Bronson, the rapper, asked for a role in the film. During a recent interview with NME, Action stated that he actually auditioned for a role on Matrix 4 but didn’t get it.

Action told the outlet that it “definitely didn’t get the role”. He said if he got the part, he would have been into “hanging on a wire from a bridge or something”. He read for it, but the whole experience was “bizarre,” explained the rapper.

Why he didn’t get the role, Action says, a big part of the reason is likely that they never saw him in person. “It was during COVID and the reading was over the phone,” noted the rapper, adding that it was an “odd situation”.

Bronson says it’s not enough to just get a small “snippet” over the phone. A person needs to see it in person to “absorb the baklava experience”. Right now it’s not clear what The Matrix 4 is about, but the film made headlines this year for other reasons.

The Matrix 4 was just one of the films that was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. When the coronavirus pandemic first broke out in the United States, film studios and cinemas had to close, including The Matrix 4.

Regarding Action Bronson, nee Ariyan Arslani, he’s been in the entertainment industry for years. Arslani has his own variety show, The Untitled Action Bronson Show, in addition to F * ck, That’s Delicious, which airs on Viceland.


Arslani also published his first book in September 2017 based on his eponymous television series F * ck, That’s Delicious.

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