Again To The Future 2 Vs. Again To The Future 3: Which is the Higher Sequel?

Back to the story of Future III

Back to the Future III is actually a western as Marty has to go back in time to 1885 to save Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) before he is murdered by Biff’s great-grandfather. Everything is fine in the end, but Doc fell in love in the past, which leads to a number of other issues unique to the series. Overall, it’s a much simpler story than its predecessor, so it’s easier to follow.

The story of Victor: Back to the Future III

I could get some heat for this, but other than the futuristic stuff in Part II, the rest of the BTTF 2’s story is a little too busy for my liking. Even if you don’t like BTTF 3, you probably don’t like westerns that much. The story of all that western stuff is really good though, especially since there’s a lot more Marty and Doc interactions in this sequel.

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