Actual Orange County’s Braunwyn Windham-Burke Housewives Come Out: “I am a Lesbian”

“To be honest, we are in unknown territory,” she said. “I have no role model for it. I have no one to turn to for answers. So for now we’re just making our own way.”

The Bravo star continued, “You know, Sean and I are still married. I plan to stay married. We don’t sleep in the same bedroom right now, but we’re in the same house. We raise our kids together, him is my best friend. He knows the girl I date. “

Braunwyn added that Sean didn’t just meet up Kris, the woman who sees her, but that she was in her house too. “I mean, we go to parties together! She came by the other day, hung out with the family, had dinner with us,” said the Bravo personality. “I mean, it’s just as weird as you do it.”

As for her children’s reaction to the news about their sexuality, Braunwyn said they were “not at all shocked”.

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