A number of different ladies report sexual assault by Derrick Could

Back in September, after a damning post that went viral on social media, your EDM wrote an article titled “Detroit Techno Pioneer Derrick May Come Up With Waves Of Sexual Assault.” The article was published after an attorney failure of May away.

A statement from his representative a few days later read in part: “These statements are obviously false, defamatory and are intended to ruin Derrick May’s professional career. Derrick May never did and never did drugs, nor would he have had undesirable sexual relations with anyone. “

Now, two months later, both DJ Mag and Resident Advisor have released reports of seven different women accused of sexual assault and harassment against May. DJ Mag interviewed four women while Resident Advisor interviewed six, with three women telling their story to both releases. A total of seven women responded with their stories.

In a report from a trainee who worked in a hotel in Amsterdam in 2008 and is referred to as Nina, RA writes: “Nina showed May into his room, as is the custom in a boutique hotel. He closed the door behind him. She showed him the bathroom and when she turned around she said May had his clothes on but he had a really big erection and he reached for it and said, “Look how excited you are making me, look how excited you are at me. ‘”

Then he allegedly pressed her to the wall and felt her as he pulled down his pants and started rubbing against her. After telling her manager what had happened, “he wrote on the computer system that no woman or employee should be alone with him.” No criminal charges were brought.

In another 2012 story in Detroit, a woman named Mona said that May surprised me and started kissing me violently. And I was just surprised, you don’t know what to do so you just stand there. And then he pulled my shirt down with both hands and exposed my breasts and then made a negative comment about them like neglecting me. Like what if he could make me feel bad about my body or something? It just really repelled and disgusted me, and I just pulled up my shirt and said, ‘This won’t happen.’ “

In response to the allegations, May had the following to say:

“As a black man working in a white-dominated and openly biased industry, should I have learned the painful lesson that there is no truth, fairness, or due process?

“When does the long history of the weapon against the sexuality of African American men end?

“Do I have to co-operate under duress with my own victimization by an openly hostile press, which increases the so-called fears of privileged, anonymous women during Internet-mediated lynching?

“I have no interest in legitimizing these distortions.

“Women are the way of life and as such they should be protected and not exploited. I live by these words. “

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