A Million Little Things Sneak Peek: Maggie, Jamie and … a ring ?!


Beware of bored Brits with sneaky streaks.

In A Million Little Things (ABC, 10 / 9c) this Thursday, Maggie’s Oxford connection runs its fingers as she records her podcast. And since they live in Gary’s apartment (while he and Darcy sit with Delilah’s house and kid), it doesn’t take long for Jamie to find what he thinks is a good, smack ball.

“Do you remember when you said that Gary and Darcy were moving too fast?” he says in the exclusive look below, excitedly revealing a box of an engagement ring. “I know they’re practically living together right now, but a ring ?! Check out the size! “

Of course, Maggie – and we – know that the jewelry in question was once intended for her. In fact, her discovery of the same box sparked her and Gary’s split in season 2. But will she share this information with Jamie?

Elsewhere in the episode titled “Timing,” Regina worries about the finances one day as the coronavirus-related lockdown is really breaking into her business. Eddie makes some terrible decisions. And let’s just say this clip won’t be the last time Maggie’s podcast comes out in an hour.

In the video below, press PLAY to watch the clip, then click on the comments with your mind!

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