A $ AP Rocky’s OTHER WOMEN struggle Rihanna on Instagram! (Rihanna a sister lady)

Earlier this week, People magazine announced to the world that A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna were officially a couple.

But while news of the new hip-hop super couple seemed to grab the public’s imagination, MTO News has confirmed that at least two people are NOT happy with the announcement.

Both are women who are believed to have romantic relationships with A $ AP Rocky – currently.

The two ladies seemed to have been taken by surprise by the public announcement of Rihanna and Rocky – and BLASTING Rihanna on social media.


The first woman, a fat Latina IG model named Jraww, appears to have a longstanding relationship with Rihanna’s Bae. She was on stage with him on Yam day 2020 and took a picture of him. She also claims to have been invited to Rihanna’s Fenty event in February.


She also claims to have vacationed with A $ AP in Jamaica just this year and posted pictures to prove it. She also claims to have been to London and Paris with him.


According to the pretty IG model, she has been seeing A $ AP ROCKY for over 2 years and he seems to be showering her with expensive vacations and trips.

But last night, the woman who apparently felt despised and bitter, she went on a disrespectful rant that Rihanna called ugly and a “pass around”. Jraww also implied that her relationship with A $ AP was real. She says she was in NYC, met his mother, and vacationed with him.


But Jraww is not alone. Last night, MTO News learned that another female companion from A $ AP was going to the IG to blow up Rihanna. The second woman, a model named Demi, called Rihanna her “pipe sister” on Twitter.


Are these relationships with these women real or is Rih a sister woman and know it? Maybe she agrees to be part of a THROUPLE OR A FROUPLE.

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