5 Marvel Characters Joey King could be good to play with

Dead girl

To be clear, Joey King’s horror film career wasn’t entirely ungrateful as she played a member of the Perrons in The Conjuring at age 14. In fact, her character Christine is probably the only child whose suffering was due to her family’s spooks appear most prominently in James Wan’s “fact-based” thriller from 2013. Well, you know what they’re saying, “If you can’t beat her, conclude Look at them. “

This is essentially what happens to Moonbeam – a young, aspiring actress whose murder unleashed her mutated abilities, including communicating with the deceased, regrowing severed limbs, and eternal life (or more precisely, the state of the undead). This would earn her a spot on the X-Force team, which was brought back to the silver screen in Deadpool 2 and hopefully in future installments. That being said, Dead Girl could be Joey King’s ticket to starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3, as I think she gives off the right amount of adventurous cum to take on the role.

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