5 Causes I Actually Just like the Michael B. Jordan Unbelievable 4 Film

It does body horror really well

Long before there were rumors that Dr. Strange could be a horror movie, rumors were that the Fantastic Four reboot would get there first. You see, director Josh Trank, who also made the excellent Chronicle, is a huge fan of David Cronenberg, who pretty much created the body horror subgenre. In this subgenre, the horror is actually from the human body, usually in the form of self-mutilation, but sometimes it can be as existential as aging or deterioration. Sounds like a prime source for a superhero movie, doesn’t it? Well, Fox apparently didn’t think so either, which is why the final product contains so little body horror.

But the stuff that’s in there is really super effective. When the team returns to Earth, the characters – especially Miles Teller’s Mr. Fantastic and Jamie Bells The Thing – really suffer from their transformations, with Jamie Bell’s plight of turning into a truly terrifying human stone brings me to mine next Point.

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