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Jan 17

A Bounce House Rentals Inflatable Rentals will provide hours of fun and excitement for your children and their friends. New Orleans Bounce House Rentals come in many shapes and sizes to suit your party needs, from bounce houses and water slides to obstacle courses, dunk tanks, and even giant Jenga and Connect Four games.

Before selecting an inflatable to rent, be sure to ask your local event-rental company for safety guidelines, cleaning/sanitizing methods, insurances and permits, and potential scenarios that may arise during the course of the rental period. Additionally, you should consider the local zoning laws and agreements regarding the location in which the inflatable can be set up, as these rules and regulations can vary by locale.

You should also ask your Bounce House Rentals Inflatable Rentals supplier if the price quote includes delivery, setup and takedown. Most reputable suppliers will offer all-inclusive pricing to make your life easier. However, some may add a small fee if you live too far away for them to conveniently deliver and pick up the bounce house from your home. If so, this is something you should be aware of upfront so that you can budget accordingly.

In addition to ensuring that you choose a safe and reputable rental company, you should always perform a visual inspection of the bounce house before it is delivered to your home. Doing so will help you to identify any holes or sharp objects that could potentially hurt your kids or other users of the inflatable. Additionally, a visual check will give you an idea of whether the equipment has been cleaned recently.

If you are planning a party for children, be sure to discuss safety issues with the owner of the company. They should be able to explain their safety protocols and the most recent safety inspection date. Additionally, they should be able to tell you about their cancellation policy for bad weather. Some companies will cancel your reservation for rain or high winds if they feel it is unsafe for the kids to use the bounce house. Others will issue a raincheck for the deposit you made that can be used for a future booking.

You should also inquire about any extras that your Bounce House Rentals Inflatable rentals provider offers, such as seating options, popcorn or cotton candy machines, and more. These additions can make your party more enjoyable for everyone in attendance, and they can help you to keep the cost of your event within budget. If the company does not offer these services, it is best to look for another option.


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