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Bounce House Rentals How To Increase Your Profits With Inflatable Rentals

Nov 18

Inflatable Rentals are the perfect addition to any party. New Orleans Inflatable bounce house combo Rentals are the most popular type of inflatable, but there are many other great options for parties such as water slides, dry slides, obstacle courses and even dunk tanks. Add in some carnival games, like ring toss and Jenga, and you have the ultimate party.

Most bounce houses are used for birthday parties, but they can also be rented for school events, fundraisers and family reunions. The key to success with an Inflatable Rental business is finding your niche and marketing your services to that audience. Inflatables are also a hit at community events such as festivals and block parties.

The biggest mistake that new rental businesses make is underpricing their units in an attempt to beat out competitors. This can backfire, as your competitors will eventually lower their prices until they are making the same profit as you.

To increase your profits, consider adding on extra features to your rentals. For example, a water slide or obstacle course can bring in more revenue than just a simple bounce house. Additionally, having an attendant on site to help kids navigate the equipment can be a big draw for parents.

If you are renting the bounce houses to a private residence, you must obtain a permit from the local city or county. This will usually cost $50 or less, and it is well worth the investment to avoid any fines or other penalties. Similarly, if you are planning on using the bounce house at a public event, such as a school function at Lake Forest Elementary or a church party at Elevation Church, you will need to acquire an appropriate permit.

It is important to sanitize all of the inflatables after each use, and to check for any tears or punctures before each rent. It is also a good idea to keep an eye on the weather and to move the unit inside if it starts to rain. Inflatables can turn over in high winds, and this can cause severe injuries to people inside them.

Another way to boost your profits is by offering discounts if customers are willing to switch their event from a Saturday to a Sunday. This will ensure that you are not missing out on any potential business, and it can also make your company appear more professional.

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