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Add Excitement to Your Party With Bounce House Rentals

Sep 14

Bounce House Rentals are a fun and exciting way to add excitement to any party or event. These inflatable play structures keep kids entertained for hours on end. They also help keep children active and healthy.

Depending on your location and service area, you may need to register your bounce house business as an LLC or C corporation. This will give you flexibility in your ownership structure and management structures.

Water Slide Rentals

If you’re planning a summer party and need something to keep the kids cool, a water slide rental is sure to be a hit. Most rentals are available by the day and come in both single- and dual-lane options that can be used separately or together. You can also find combo bouncers and obstacle courses to add even more fun to your event.

Prices for water slides can vary depending on size, type, and duration of the rental. Some companies rent by the hour while others offer set blocks of time at a discounted rate for longer rentals.

A great way to save money on a water slide is to haggle a little bit. Most companies are willing to drop the price a little to close the sale. They also usually offer discounts during holidays and springtime. Look for a company with a high customer review score and one-stop shop convenience. These features will give you peace of mind that your water slide will be clean and ready to use for your guests’ enjoyment.

Party Rentals

Bounce Rentals New Orleans are a popular addition to parties for kids and their parents. They keep the kids entertained and help them burn off excess energy. In addition, they promote healthy lifestyles and provide a great opportunity for socialization. They also provide a good amount of vitamin D.

Party rentals are an industry that is worth $6 billion a year. Although it took a hit during COVID-19, the industry has rebounded and is continuing to grow. In addition to bounce houses, party rentals also include inflatable water slides and obstacle courses. Moreover, they offer a variety of accessories such as concessions, tents, and tables.

Ensure that your prices are competitive. Customers can easily compare your prices with those of other rental companies online. Additionally, be sure to include your cancellation policy on your website. This helps reduce the number of canceled orders and protects you from lawsuits. Also, it’s important to remember that modern consumers want to shop online.

Bouncy Houses

Renting a bounce house for your kids' birthday party, a family gathering, or any other occasion is a great way to keep them active and happy. In addition to being fun, bouncy houses help children burn off energy and get some much-needed Vitamin D.

Prices for bouncy houses vary, depending on the size of the inflatable and how long it is rented for. Small rentals typically cost $100 or less, while bigger ones with slides and other features can run up to $500 per day.

When renting a bounce house, make sure the rental company has liability insurance that covers any personal injury costs associated with an accident occurring in or around the equipment. Also, ask about any other fees that may apply, such as a delivery or pickup charge or a cleaning fee. Many companies also offer add-ons, such as inflatable slides or a playground setup, that can be attached to a bounce house.

Obstacle Courses

Add a new level of excitement to any party with an inflatable obstacle course. Children and adults alike will love racing each other in this exhilarating challenge. These unique structures will make any event one of a kind and create memories that last a lifetime.

Prices for obstacle courses vary but the least expensive model is around $2,199. The more expensive models typically include more features such as log jams, pop ups and crawl tubes. These units tend to command higher booking rates than standard bounce houses.

Using obstacle courses can improve children’s strength and flexibility. Children will also enjoy the endless giggles as they contort themselves and squeeze into tight spaces. These fun structures are an excellent option for schools that want to offer students more ways to be active at recess. They can even be used to host a community event such as a fundraising carnival. Contact a GameTime play expert today to learn more about the options available for your space.

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