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Brisbane Music Student Rentals Services

May 29

Brisbane Music Rental Services is known for its nightlife precinct, Fortitude Valley. This area is known for its live music venues.

Binary Music and Studio 19 Rentals have teamed up to provide a rental program for instruments that won't break your bank! Each product has an "RENT NOW" button located under the price. You can click it and then submit your application.

Student Instrument Rentals

A music program in the school can aid children in developing social skills, improve teamwork and create an identity. We're here to help make that journey easy by offering quality instruments that are approved by educators with a plan that's cost-effective and flexible. It's also risk-free.

Stringed Instruments

They are played by striking or bowing taut strings, stringed instruments are violin viola double bass and cello. They form the foundation of any orchestra.

Brass Instruments

The sound of brass instruments is created by the vibrating lips of the performer as they create an embouchure. Airflow, lip shape and other factors can be adjusted to produce fine-tuned the harmonics that create each instrument's unique sound. Rent trumpets, cornets and trombones, and more from reputable brands such as Yamaha, Selmer, Jupiter and Eastman.

Rent a Band Instrument

Binary Music has teamed up Studio 19 Rentals in order to offer our customers an easy solution to instrument rental. Simply choose any instrument on our website and click the BOOK Now button. You will be directed to the Studio 19 secure site to fill out your application, which is subject to credit approval. It can usually be processed same-day.

Stringed instruments can be played by plucking or striking taut strings. They have evolved over centuries into highly specialised musical instruments. They are typically bowed, however certain instruments, like the violin viola and cello may be plucked with the player's fingers.

Brasswind instruments are trumpets, trombones, cornets and euphoniums. The player vibrates air with their lips using keys, slides, and valves to alter the length of the instrument and also the pitch.

Orchestral Instrument Rentals

Sweetwater offers orchestral instrument rentals for musicians, students and amateurs at all levels. Every rental instrument is test-tested and inspected with our Band and Orchestra 40-point inspection to ensure top quality right out of the box.

Brasswind instruments make their sound by bouncing the lips of the player in an action known as embouchure. Valve keys, slides, or slides are frequently used to adjust the length of brasswind instruments. However the fine adjustments to harmonics and airflow can be made by controlling the mouth shape.

Stringed instruments such as the cello, violin, and viola are played by striking or stretching taut strings. The vibration of the string produces a complex tone that ranges from soft to raucous.