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The Premier Arcade Machine Operator And Supplier In Manchester

Feb 2

For years people have found joy in gaming options and hence the desire to own an arcade gaming machine in Manchester, UK. Individuals also have embraced the idea of hiring or renting arcade gaming machines to entertain guests and for economic purposes. However, you need to liaise with the best game machine supplier in the market if you want to have the most efficient arcade machine for rent in Manchester. 

Diamond Leisure is an independent and leading gaming and amusement operator in Manchester and the surrounding region. Our gaming crew for Arcade Machine Lease Manchester has over five decades of combined experience installing, repairing, maintaining, and supplying gaming equipment and machines.

 We have a variety of gaming machines that are the latest in the market. We also have a friendly and proficient team that assures a significant rise in profits and customer satisfaction. Some of the gaming machines and equipment we provide include the following:

Fruit Machines

Diamond Leisure has been the leading supplier of fruit machines lease Manchester and the entire surrounding region. We have a range of the latest and most advanced Jackpot Fruit Machines from the leading manufacturers, including Reflex, Bell-Fruit, G-Squared, QPS, and Blueprint. 

As top-tier gaming operators, we value our customer's needs and preferences. So we can supply and maintain the best fruit machines to the venue of your choice on hire, rent, or lease. If you wish to purchase frit machines from us, we will ensure we give you the best quality. Feel free to contact Diamond Leisure for the best Fruit Machine Hire Manchester

Pool Tables

If you are a Manchester resident who needs the latest pool table for hire in Manchester, Diamond Leisure will provide you with the best in the market at affordable rates. We can also design our pool tables to a customized design that matches your specifications and needs. 

Diamond Leisure will cater to your needs whether you need Prince, Winners, or customized pool tables for hire, lease, or rent. We have endless options that vary in colors, designs, and brands. Feel free to contact our experts for guidance in selecting the best pool table you need. 

Juke Box

Diamond Leisure has an extensive collection of modern, innovative, and the finest juke box in the world. We have partnered with the most reputable industry-leading manufacturers to provide customers with the best quality. 

The best thing about Diamond Leisure is that we are a no upfront profit-sharing company. We will provide you with the latest jukebox hire machines in Manchester you can choose from depending on your budget and preferences. 

Diamond Leisure
Suite 1, 76 King St, Manchester M2 4NH
+44 161 533 0613