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All About Fruit Machines Hire in Manchester

Dec 28

Fruit machines in Manchester, UK, whether digital or reel-based, offer a range of businesses a great way to boost their cash takings. At Diamond Leisure, we offer the best fruit machine hire | fruit machine rental service in the industry in Manchester. We provide clubs, pubs, and bar with a vast selection of machines that can boost profitability. Diamond Leisure has various fruit machines to choose from, helping you to boost productivity. 

Our Fruit Machines

1. Digital AWP

A range of the market’s finest digital machines from several Manufacturers including Blueprint, Reflex, Storm Games, Electro coin, and Astra. Our Digital Machines have regular content updates from the Manufacturers, keeping the players entertained with new game releases added to the easy-access menus. Reel-based machines have dominated the market for the past 20 years, Digital machines are now in high demand with the industry seeing an overall rise in profits with Digital AWP. It’s important to have a range of digital and reel-based products to give your customers the variety they desire.

2. Fruit Machines

We supply a full range of the latest reel based £100 Jackpot Fruit Machine Rent Manchester from leading manufacturers Bell-Fruit, Blueprint, Reflex, QPS, G Squared, and more. Across the UK fruit machines generate businesses in the region of £200 million every year. Diamond Leisure can supply and maintain fruit machines in your venue on an industry-leading hire, rent, or free profit share agreement. We also have fruit machines for sale. All machines are monitored for the performance of cash box takings and rotated every 6-8 weeks to maximize profits and customer satisfaction.

3. Club Machines

We offer a range of High Jackpot Slot Machines; these Club Machines are only available for Members and Social Clubs. The B4 machines include a range of all-time classics such as Cops and Robbers and Batman with the largest Jackpots going all the way up to £400 cash, these are all fitted with note recyclers so they pay out notes on larger wins keeping the machine hoppers away from starvation and float levels high. The B3a Lottery Machines are popular with many of our venues because their High Jackpot of £500 competes with the high street bookmakers and there is no VAT or MGD (Machine Games Duty) to pay on B3a Machine Profits.

Thrill Customers With Regularly Updated Games On Digital AWP

Digital fruit machines keep players interested and entertained with regularly updated games, direct from the manufacturer. At Diamond Leisure, we offer a range of Digital AWP machines. Our machines provide you with a way of delivering extra value to patrons. All our Digital AWP machines have easy-to-understand menus and the ability to be updated over the internet.

Work with Us Today

At Diamond Leisure, we ONLY work with fruit machine suppliers with a reputation for boosting profit and company revenue streams. Our fruit machines hire service has a proven track record of delivering exceptional cash box takings. They combine sensory and visual appeal. Your customers will love using the fruit machines we supply, helping you create a new and reliable revenue stream. It’s important to note that the best machines aren’t the cheapest. High-quality machines embody substantial research and development costs. We also offer Pool Table Rent Manchester, Arcade Machine Rent Manchester, Jukebox Machine Rent Manchester, and Boxing Machine Rent Manchester.

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