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Vodka Friday

Mar 4

Vodka Friday

Vodka Friday is an alcohol company that is bringing that experience to you. We are encouraging you to gather your tribe, indulge in some great vodka drinks and find your anthem. This is a movement that we are inviting you along on our journey.

It all started 12 years ago around my kitchen table.

A cast of characters looking for something to look forward to. We were mostly in our thirties and forties navigating life through some difficult years. Years where you could easily lose yourself. Most of us facing the prospect of starting all over and some of us needing a break from our mundane lives. It was here where we went to find ourselves and did!

Every Friday, no invitation required just show up.

Every Friday, leave your bullshit at the door and join in for the banter.

Every Friday, sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ loudly and mostly out of tune.

Every Friday, remember how it felt to have no responsibilities.

Every Friday, 6 hours to just be you.

Our corner stones: laughing, dancing, singing and drinking continue to all be a big part of the our journeys.

It has always been our favourite night.

At Vodka Friday, we will make our vodka better.