10 nice Hollywood actors who performed a number of cartoon characters, together with Ben Affleck and Chris Evans

Michelle Pfeiffer (Selina Kyle – Batman Returns, Janet Van Dyne, Ant-Man and the Wasp)

Last but not least, Michelle Pfeiffer can be seen as Catwoman in the greatly underrated Batman Returns. With her feline moves and fantastic acting, she probably manages the anti-heroine better than any other actress who has played the role.

So it was an absolute joy to see her return to the comic book universe, but this time as Janet van Dyne, also known as the first Wasp (Evangeline Lilly plays the second such heroine). While we can never really see her suit, you can feel the legacy through her presentation. A crucial character played by a crucial actress. More please!

There are other actors I could have mentioned in this article (Idris Elba is in both the Thor series and Ghost Rider: Spirt of Vengeance), but I thought I’d stick with these 10 recognizable cases. Which of them do you think plays the best cartoon character? Sound off in the comments section or in the poll below!

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